Architecture Biennale

"Seoul as a city of humanity - Making a human-centered city"

Organized by Seoul Metropolitan Government/ Seoul Design Foundation, this year's Biennale will focus its attention on urbanism and humanity. According to the UN’s World Urbanization Prospect Report of 2014, 54% of the world’s population now lives in metropolitan areas. By 2050, this percentage will increase to 86% in advanced countries, and 64% in developing nations. How we choose to construct and organize our cities therefore affects many peoples' lives.

This year, we are so lucky as to have the Norwegian architect company Transborder Studios from Oslo to put on an exhibition during the biennale. Their exhibition will portray urban food production in a research-based as well as a visionary context. For time and place of their exhibition, as well as more information on the biennale itself, please visit their website: or follow them on their Facebook-site:

Seoul (various locations)
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