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Restrictions on entry into Norway (Covid-19)

Norway introduces strictest entry rules since March 2020 on 29 January 2021.

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The Norwegian Government has implemented extensive restrictions on entry into Norway due to the spread of COVID-19. Only certain categories of travellers are allowed to enter Norway.

Please visit this page to see if you belong to any of the groups that currently are allowed entry:

For rules and requirements when entering Norway, please visit:


  • All people entering Norway will be required to register their name, contact details, place of quarantine and employer (if applicable) and any other information requested (link: Registration form for persons travelling to Norway and confirmation of suitable accommodation for quarantine purposes -
  • Negative SARS-CoV-2 test not older than 24 hours when arriving in Norway. Norwegian citizens are exempt from this requirement. For more exemptions, please read here. Persons who are travelling by plane can have test done witin the last 24 hours before scheduled departuretime for the first part of the flight. The flight can be a direct flight to Norway or a continous flight to Norway with stopovers at other airports. This will open for travellers from other continents with longer travel time. 
  • Mandatory testing for Covid-19 for all travellers to Norway. Travellers from the UK, South Africa, Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal and Brazil must undergo a PCR test at the Norwegian border. Travellers must enter Norway through border stations with testing facilities or through border stations with police control. Several smaller border stations will be closed.
  • Mandatory 10-day entry quarantine in suitable location

The VFS in South Africa has resumed operations one day a week– Mondays 09:00 – 12:00. Booking for appointment is mandatory. Please visit:

Visa applications in Lilongwe: VFS Lilongwe has resumed operations one day a week -  Mondays 09:00 – 12:00. For visa applicants going to Norway: Please contact the VFS in Malawi stating your name and the purpose of your planned trip, in order for obtaining an appointment. Booking for appointment is mandatory

IMPORTANT: The representation agreements with other Schengen countries are still suspended.  Applicants wishing to visit another Schengen country than Norway are advised to contact the relevant European Schengen Embassy responsible for Malawi.

For any enquiries, please contact the VFS

VFS South Africa:

VFS Malawi: