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Norway opening for certain visa categories from 15 July

Certain family members and established partners of Norwegians/ persons residing in Norway may now visit Norway.

Starting the 15th July, the Norwegian Government allows the entry for foreign nationals from countries outside of the EU/EEA (referred to as third-country nationals) who have family in Norway or an established relationship to a person residing in Norway. However, no exemptions are to be granted from quarantine or from ordinary provisions of the Immigration Act, Provisions to the Immigration Act or relevant Circulars hereto.

Who can apply for a visa to Norway now?

Foreign nationals who can document a place of stay for the mandatory quarantine period, according to Covid-19-regulation § 5, first paragraph, and who have one or more of the following relation to a person residing in Norway:  

 Spouse, registred partner or cohabitant

 Child or stephchild under 21 years of age of a person residing in Norway

 Parent or stephparent of a child under 21 years of age whoa is residing in Norway

 Partner or fiancee who have been in the relationship for a period of minimum nine months. Parties are required to have met each other in person. The person who lives in Norway must submit a self-declaration form which the traveling partner must present upon arrival in Norway, confirming that the two requirements have been met. The relevant form can be found here:  We do accept a scanned copy of the form.

Persons adhering to the following categories exempted from the entry restrictions, may also apply for a visitor’s C visa:

  • Seaman embarking a vessel in Norwegian Port
  • Persons travelling out of strong compassionate or humanitarian reasons (visiting sick relative, attending a funeral etc.).  People that fall under the category of such travelers must obtain the embassy’s prior approval before an application may be submitted to VFS. Please send a request to: [email protected]

Travelers of all admitted categories must have a single, permanent address during the period of quarantine (this may be a written confirmation from the host). Travelers who cannot document having a place to stay and at the verys same address for the entire quarantine periode may be denied entry to Norway.

For more detailed information on the new regulation, see here

If you were granted a Schengenvisa to Norway before the 15th of March, you cannot use this visa, unless you are in a category of applicants who are exempted from entry restrictions according to the temporary law on entry restriction § 2, second paragraph.

Ministry of Justice G-16/2020.

Where and how to apply

From Monday the 20th July it is possible to apply for a visa at VFS Global for the category of applicants mentioned above. Please note that the visa application must be handed in at one of the designated VFS Global  Visa Application Centers (VAC). It is mandatory to book an appointment to apply the VAC. Due to the Covid 19-pandemic and the current lock down in South Africa, and causing restrictions on flights between Malawi and South Africa, VFS Visa Application Centers have limited opening hours and mandatory bookings for appointments.  Please find the link to all VFS application centers at our webpage:

Importance of documentation:

Please note that all usual documentation/ requirements for a visa application are still in place. The checklist can be found a VFS’ webpages. Additionally, when handing in your application at VFS, you must document that you are in one of the categories mentioned above. If not, VFS is instructed to refuse to receive your application.

For updated regulations and instructions from UDI, please see here (in Norwegian only):