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Norway - Somalia Development Cooperation

Historical background

Norway has had bilateral relations with Somalia since the liberation in 1960. At the beginning of the 1990s, the Norwegian contributions were mainly humanitarian responses due to the internal war, the collapse of the state and natural disasters.

After the establishment of a new Somali government in 2012, Norway increased the engagement for peace and reconciliation, stabilisation and democratisation.

Norway has taken initiatives for important development programmes such as the Somalia Special Facility (SFF) that has been crucial for the government’s ability to pay salaries to civil servants and to finance infrastructure projects. This program has shown good results for building trust in the Somali government. The program is now included and refined under the World Banks Multi Partner Fund.

Norway has played an important role in Somalia over the years.  Norwegian non-governmental organisations have been working in Somalia for a long time and Norwegian-Somali diaspora are playing a vital role in the reconstruction of the country both through remittances and with knowledge contribution to building capacity of important institutions. 


Total Norwegian Contribution to Somalia for 2018 (Norad statistic)- 543 mill NOK

Total embassy budget for 2018 - 355 mill NOK

 Norwegian contribution to Somalia - NORAD

Priorities and channels

Somalia is one of Norway’s priority countries (ref Meld. St 17 «Partnerland i utviklingspolitikken»  - only in Norwegian) as a partner for stabilisation and conflict prevention.

Political stabilisation, peace, economic and governance reforms, sustainable development and humanitarian assistance are the main priorities for the Norwegian engagement. Our means are a combination of political dialog and technical and economic assistance. The Norwegian grants are primarily channelled through multilateral organisations and Norwegian non-governmental organisations. Good governance and economic reforms and growth are the largest sectors. This includes projects for peace and reconciliation, on stabilisation and human rights, including work against gender based violence. Strengthening of federal and local institutions is a high priority. This includes support to the management of the Petroleum sector through the Oil for Development program. The private sector is supported through Norfund and The Nordic Horn of Africa Opportunities Fund. 
In addition, education is supported both through global funds, NGOs and the government.

Priority areas and partners

  1. Economic reforms – The World Bank, Multi Partner fund
  2. Inclusive Politics – UNDP, Multi Partner Trust Fund , focus on Constitution Review, Local Governance & Human Rights
  3. Stabilisation – Somalia Stability Fund (multi partner fund) and Nordic International Support Foundation (NIS) – bilateral agreement
  1. Capacity building – Norcap, Oil for Development and Office the Auditor General
  2. Human rights and GBV – DFID, UNDP