| Bratislava

Press Conference of the restoration of the Pisztory Palace

2017-04-24 10.38.44.jpg
Ambassador Inga Magistad holding a speech during the press briefing. Photo: Line-Mari Sæther

“With support from the EEA and Norway grants the Pisztory Palace in Bratislava has been restored, and new life and activity is now breathed into the Palace”, ambassador Inga Magistad said today at a press conference for the closing of the project.


The restored palace will serve as a cultural and social center for the Old Town; and films, theatre plays, exhibitions and diverse social activities can take place in this magnificent cultural heritage building in the middle of the city. More than 500 000 euro from the grants has financed important repairs and restoration work of the roof, windows and façade of the building. The Norwegian Institute for Cultural heritage Rearch (NIKU) has been an active partner in the project.