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Sustainable water fountain at TU that uses rainwater and is run by solar panels Nikita Dhawan, Trainee

Green Measures in Zvolen

| Zvolen

"I am very pleased to be back and see the innovative and good results of this green EEA/Norway grants climate project here in Zvolen. The measures made to retain rainwater and use it for fountains, ponds, recreational areas and a green roof are innovative, effective – and also beautiful", said the Norwegian ambassador, Inga Magistad, when she visited the University campus and the bus station with the green roof, on 14th August. The project "Biotechnical Innovations in Using Rainwater in the City of Zvolen" was implemented in the period 2014 to 2017, by the municipality of Zvolen in cooperation with the Technical University and the Blue Alternative Foundation. It was supported by the EEA and Norwegian grants.

The main results of the project were presented by the Mayor, Lenka Balkovičová, before the delegation was given a tour of the premises to see all the achievements in the field. This includes a green vegetation roof over the bus station near the university with solar panels. The project has also implemented 32 raingardens, open reservoir ponds, a sustainable fountain and water walls (all using rain water), rainwater reservoirs used for watering the greenery or in lavatories, a water reservoir in Hrabiny, measures to stabilize the estuary over the Neresnícka Road, planting of over 600 trees, as well as further measures to adapt to climate change and support sustainable solutions.

Both the Mayor and the Vice Rector of the Technical University expressed their great satisfaction of having received the grants that had made it possible for them to develop a strategy for adaptation to climate change for the city, and to undertake these very important and popular climatic measures for the benefit of the inhabitants of Zvolen. They expressed their hope that they also in the next period of grants would be able to receive support for further green measures in the city and district of Zvolen.