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Successful Norwegian evening at the 44th version of Ekotopfilm festival

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The panel list comprised of Sigbjørn Holte, Tone Bjørndal and Ambassador Inga Magistad (photo: Line-Mari Sæther).

On May 25th, a Norwegian evening with film and discussion took place at the yearly environmental filmfestival Ekotopfilm in Bratislava. The screening of the documentary «Guilty, me?”, directed by Sigbjørn Holte, was followed by a panel discussion on Scandinavian approaches to sustainability.

The 44th version of Ekotopfilm festival, which was partly funded by the Norwegian Embassy in Bratislava, was simultaneously held in Bratislava and Banská Bystrica on May 22nd-26th. The festival is a unique platform that connect scientists, environmentalists and the public with the aim of raising awareness and educate a broad target group of young and old through entertaining documentary films, discussions and competitions. It is the largest festival of its kind within the Slovak Republic. The festival connects the public sphere, the private sphere, and third sector through sustainable development themes.

The Norwegian evening that took place at Tatra Hotel in Bratislava on May 25th started with the screening of the short documentary “Guilty, me?”. In the documentary we meet Sigbjørn that is fed up by his environmentalist-family who constantly criticizes him for excessive consumption, and he decides to see if it is possible to live completely sustainable – and whether it helps. His main message is that even though human activities are impacting the environment, few people are willing to give up their comfortable way of living in order to reduce ecological footprints. Consequently, he believes that environmental issues should first and foremost be tackled at broader and structural level.

In the panel discussion on Scandinavian approaches to sustainability, Sigbjørn Holte, the director of the film “Guilty, me?”, Tone Bjørndal, Secretary General of the International Federation of Liberal Youth, and the Norwegian Ambassador to Slovakia, Inga Magistad, took part. A packed room with an engaged audience made a lively discussion on important environmental challenges and measures needed to save our planet.

Sigbjørn Holte (25 years old) is an Oslo-based film-maker director. After studying at the Puttnam School of Film in Singapore, he returned to Oslo where he started to make documentaries, ads, corporate- information –and music videos. He made his debut as film director with the documentary “Guilty, me?” in 2016. Tone Bjørndal (25 years old) holds a master’s degree in Technology, Innovation and Science from the University of Oslo. She is currently living in Copenhagen where she is General Secretary of the International Federation of Liberal Youth in addition to working part-time at the Nordic Council. She has been involved in politics from an early age, and has among many things led two youth delegations to UN Climate Summits.

Click here for more information about the documentary "Guilty, me?": http://www.guiltyme.net/