| Cifer, Slovakia

Concert by Nittedal bygdekor in Cifer

Bilde Konsert - Photo:Dušan Caja
Nittedal bygdekor in Michael Archangel Church in Cifer. Photo: Dušan Caja

As part of the 20th anniversary of the traditional autumn concert, Norwegian choir Nittedal bygdekor visited Slovakia for a concert.

The Norwegian choir, Nittedal bygdekor, of 60 singers together with the Slovak choir Vox Aurumoque from Trnava gave a beautiful concert in Cifer, a small town outside Bratislava, last Sunday. The concert, which was part of the 20th anniversary of the traditional annual autumn festival of the town, took place in the charming church of Michael Archangel. The Norwegian performers and the numerous audience were all received with traditional Slovak greetings, and refreshments were served in the city town hall afterwards. The mayor, Maroš Sagan, and the Norwegian ambassador, Inga Magistad, gave short speeches.


We would like to thank both choirs for an excellent and varied concert and the Cifer municipality for a great hospitality!