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Norwegian Deputy Minister Lars Andreas Lunde met State Secretary Norbert Kurilla in Oslo on June 28. It was a follow-up of political talks during Slovakia's EU Presidency in Bratislava last year. Norway and Slovakia have co-operated successfully in the field of climate adaptation under the EEA Grants. "We look forward to continue co-operation in the climate and environment in the period 2014-21" minister Lars Andreas Lunde said.

The visit of the Slovak delegation in Oslo is a follow-up of political talks during Slovakia's EU Presidency last year in which Minister Vidar Helgesen participated at the "Transition to Green Economy" conference in early autumn and Deputy Minister Lunde at the informal EU meeting in Bratislava. On June 29-30, the Slovak delegation, consisting of representatives from the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Economy, had meetings with representatives from the Norwegian Environment Agency in Helsfyr, Innovation Norway, Oslo Municipality and Norwegian Waste Association. The program also included a visit to the Norwegian NGO Loop.

"Norwegian experience on climate policy, electric transport and waste management is valuable for Slovakia", State Secretary Kurilla said. Slovakia's ambition is to become a hub for circular economy in Central Europe. At the moment Slovakia is  working to improve Resource Efficiency of the Economy and will release a joint report with OECD in summer 2017.

Good results have been achieved in the field of climate adaptation in the period 2009-2014. Pilot projects have been implemented, both in rural areas and cities. Sixty schools have been involved in awareness raising - so called blue-schools, and a number of young people have been involved in practical adaptation projects.