Ambassador Homme with Gardens by the Bay in the background

Letter from the Ambassador

Dear fellow Norwegians in Singapore, Singaporean and Norwegian partners, Dear Friends of Norway.

| Team Norway

The 17th of May is Norway’s Constitution and National Day. Here in Singapore, there will finally be celebrations again, both on the 16th and 17th of May. I hope that you and your family will join us, as our Seamen’s Mission is now also fully opening up after the previous strict Covid restrictions.


On this date in 1814 our Constitution was adopted. A document that is continuously being improved to meet new demands concerning protection of human rights, democracy, and social security. Children all over Norway will once more, and for the first time since Covid entered our lives, be parading. In Oslo they will be greeted by the King and Queen, our Royal Family.


We want the young generation to appreciate and further develop the heritage of a society built on justice and equality, solidarity and caring for all. To succeed in these goals for our nation, we must stand for the same goals and obligations also outside Norway and build strong partnership and demonstrate our solidarity with the rest of the world.


Norway condemns Russia’s attack on Ukraine in the strongest possible terms, as well as Belarus’ role in this war of aggression. It challenges the rules-based international order, where relationships between states are shaped not by military power, but by legal principles, enshrined in the United Nations Charter. Might does not make right.


For the first time since the 1950s, Norway has sent weapons to a country at war. We have aligned ourselves with all EU sanctions imposed on Russia. We are receiving Ukrainian refugees and are offering humanitarian assistance. Our contact with the Russian authorities is reduced to a minimum. 30 years of Norwegian neighborship policy with Russia has been changed.


Every morning, we all wake up to new headlines describing the incredible human suffering in Ukraine, as well as its brave people fighting for its nation, its freedom, and a life in peace. Singapore and Norway stand united in condemning the Russian invasion and in enforcing sanctions. We stand up for Ukraine and for the war to end, as soon as possible.

Concerning Norway-Singapore cooperation, I am pleased to report that Team Norway is back to full “business” with the last travel restrictions being removed. We are excited to see Norwegian tourists and company visitors back in town. Last month, we just had the first Norwegian business delegation visiting since the beginning of the pandemic. Its focus was maritime digitalization and decarbonization. This followed a visit from the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment on the same topic. The Singaporean Ministry of Transport will later this month pay a visit on political level to Norway concerning maritime cooperation.

If you follow my Twitter account, you will note Team Norway’s many activities, on business promotion and culture, over the last months. I encourage your company to join NBAS if not already a member, to follow our Embassy home page and see the events overview.   

Happy 17th of May Celebration, and the summer to follow, maybe with a visit to Norway!

With best regards,

Eivind S Homme

Ambassador of Norway