Chef's Kitchen with Sigrid  - Photo:Norwegian Cultural Center
Norwegian Cultural Center

"Chef's Kitchen" series - guest home chef Sigrid Maria Inderberg

Norwegian Cultural Center's "Chef's Kitchen" series will release a new episode 8 Sep - starring Sigrid Maria Inderberg, the International Artistic Director of Norwegian Cultural Center.

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As the home chef of the next episode of "Chef's Kitchen", Sigrid will be sharing fun facts about life in Norway, the Norwegian salmon and the two most distinguished ways of preserving it (like a true local!). Sigrid will also share her "Salmon & Tagliatelle" recipe, a simple and homey dish easily cooked for the whole family!

The episode will be released on NCC's Youtube channel 8 september 2021.

"Broaden your culinary horizons with the Norwegian home chefs and professionals — in the comforts of your home. Let's go beyond cooking and explore the cultural aspects of the recipes, the produce, the tips and tricks of choosing the right ingredients, and understand the process from the farm, the sea, to our tables."

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Chef's Kitchen salmon tagliatelle