Person holding vaccine certificate - Photo:Photo Credit: Ingrid Asp / ASD
Photo Credit: Ingrid Asp / ASD

Travel to Singapore - How to obtain vaccinated status in Singapore

From 3 Febuary 2022, Singapore changed procedures for registering overseas vaccinations. Individuals with vaccination certificates of certain kinds, EU Digital COVID Certificate (EU DCC) included, are from this date exempted from serology testing. These individuals can instead visit a healthcare provider who review, scan, and upload the individual’s overseas vaccination documentation to the National Immunization Registry (NIR).

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Singapore applies an extensive use of corona vaccination certificate, and the TraceTogether app/token is needed to get around. If you are new to Singapore and still have not received your permit to reside, study or work in Singapore, you need to select the category “I’m Visiting Singapore” when first registering in the TraceTogether app. This will give you a temporary status as vaccinated ending 30 days after your arrival. Travellers staying in Singapore for a longer period will need to take action to keep their vaccinated status. Singapore does not allow entrance of unvaccinated travellers older than 12 years old.

Details on regulations for recognition of overseas vaccinations can be found here: MOH | FAQs - Post-vaccination Matters under "Recognising Overseas Vaccinations". Be aware that it may take some time before your vaccination status is updated in the TraceTogether app. Please be aware that you may have to uninstall the app and re-login and update to your new status if/when you have received your permit to reside, study or work in Singapore.

Healthcare providers without the ability to scan your EU DCC may ask you to provide additional documentation of each one of your vaccines. For Norwegian citizens this information can be found in SYSVAK. More information on how to access SYSVAK can be found here: Innsyn i helseregisterdata fra SYSVAK - FHI.



Travellers still need a permit to reside, study or work in Singapore to travel to Singapore.

Borders are still closed for regular Short-Term visitors/tourists from Norway.

Entry regulations are subject to sudden changes, and each traveller is responsible for keeping themselves updated and provide the necessary/valid documents.