Erik Bucher Johannessen - Photo:Innovation Norway
Innovation Norway

Team Norway welcomes trainee

We are excited to announce a new trainee at Team Norway that will be joining us until Christmas!

| Life in Team Norway

Innovation Norway, the commercial section of the Norwegian Embassy, recently took on Erik Bucher Johannessen as their new trainee – welcome to Team Norway in Singapore, Erik!

This is the first time that a trainee has joined the ranks of Team Norway since the beginning of 2020.

Erik recently graduated with a master’s degree from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and has prior work experience from different journalist positions in Norwegian newspapers and from economic consultancy. He has lived in several other countries, and this is his second time living in Singapore as he was here on an exchange program a few years ago.

Erik will be working on a range of projects and events that Innovation Norway are currently undertaking. He will also be assigned projects where Innovation Norway collaborates with the rest of Team Norway (the Embassy, NBAS, NORWEP) and with our Nordic counterparts.

In his spare time, Erik enjoys football, running and cycling. We hope he will have a great time in Singapore despite the still ongoing COVID-19 situation.

A warm welcome and keep up the good work, Erik!