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Ingrid Asp / ASD

Re-entry to Singapore for work pass and long-term pass holders - updated

Dear members of the Norwegian community in Singapore. I have previously informed you about the re-entry regulations to Singapore due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These regulations are still in place.

Well into “Phase 2” of the re-opening of Singapore, many of you seek information on the possibilities for travel and on how to get back in to Singapore if you do. Allow me therefore to update you on what the Norwegian Embassy is doing when it comes to re-entry restrictions for work pass holders and their dependents and other long-term pass holders to Singapore.

Given that re-entry regulations still apply, I know that many of you will be spending your holiday in Singapore and that many Norwegian companies are choosing this approach due to the re-entry regulations. This may place a strain on you and on your families, and for some it may mean that you are unable to attend important family occasions back home. For many companies, this may equally be a challenge when it comes to rotation of staff.

Therefore, together with the EU-delegation, the Embassies of EU member states, and the Embassy of Switzerland, we are in regular contact with Singapore’s authorities on these issues. We underline the need to find ways to facilitate at least limited travel while still safeguarding public health, and point to the fact that going forward this is key in order for Singapore to maintain an attractive regional hub. We share our concerns regarding the re-entry of our citizens and urge for more flexibility. I have also raised this issue bilaterally with the Singaporean authorities where important Norwegian interests have been at stake.

The response of the Singaporean authorities has been that they will continue to facilitate the activities of the business community and meet their needs as far as possible, while maintaining high standards when it comes to the protection of public health. The authorities also underline that they are prepared to look closely at particular cases with extenuating circumstances.

I therefore advise you all to continue to pay close attention to and to follow the regulations on the gradual easing up of Covid-19 restrictions in Singapore. As for overseas travel, we should bear in mind what the Foreign Minister H.E. Vivian Balakrishnan recently stated: “The reality is that we have to be prepared that overseas travel even to nearby destinations will not return to its pre-Covid-19 state in the near to medium term.”

Together with our partners, we also follow closely the developments of “green travel corridors/fast lane arrangements” which Singapore has agreed upon or is about to establish with selected countries. We hope to see similar developments between Singapore and European countries in the future.

With the school holidays upon us all, some of you might consider travelling regardless of re-entry regulations. If you should choose to do so, I urge you to keep updated on the latest information regarding Covid-19 regulations in Singapore through these websites:

I hope you are all doing well, the situation taken into consideration. Take care of each other and stay safe!


Best regards,

Anita Nergaard

Ambassador of Norway to Singapore