Clinical - Photo:Photo Credit: SG Innovate
Photo Credit: SG Innovate

Pioneering Clinical Studies: Insights from Norway

Recently, Innovation Norway co-organised a healthtech webinar with SGInnovate sharing Norway’s experience with clinical trials.

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The panel discussion sought to explore the questions: What are the future strategies and innovation needs for clinical trials? What makes Norway such an attractive location for clinical trials?  

Norway has an already well-documented track record of quality clinical trials, with a specific strength in oncology, which is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. 

The Norwegian Ministry of Health has recently launched an ambitious strategic plan to further establish Norway as a country of excellence in this important field.  

To reach this goal, Norway will offer one of the oldest and broadest collection of health registries in the world - health data, biobanks and a health analysis platform offering a unique tool to pharmaceutical companies – to create a single-entry point to access all the country’s clinical trials resources. This will be in combination with a well-structured specialist care system and a population with a high willingness to partake in clinical trials. 

Participating in the panel discussion and sharing on the future strategies and possible areas of international collaboration were the Ministry of Health and Care Services, the Directorate of e-Health, the Association of Pharmaceutical Industry and several leading Norwegian healthcare clusters.