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Origin matters: Norwegian seafood rebranded

Monday 17 July, partners and friends of the Norwegian Seafood Council (NCS) gathered at the Norwegian Ambassador’s residence to celebrate the NSC’s new country of origin mark. The guests were treated to amazing dishes created by Chef Jimmy Chok, containing the finest ingredient of them all - Norwegian seafood.

Jon Erik Steenslid, Seafood Division Counsellor and Regional Director in Southeast Asia, gave a presentation on how the new mark adds more value to the branding of Norwegian seafood. It is created to increase visibility and recognition - across markets, products and species globally.

Giving a clear signal of Norwegian origin, the new mark is deliberately made to be different from most other labels of origin. In Singapore, the NCS cooperate with retail partners, restaurants and suppliers, and consumers will be able to see the new mark of origin proudly adorn Norwegian products within the next months.

Last year, Norway's seafood export hit new records and increased by 23 percent, compared to 2015 . “Seafood is one of Norway's most important export industries, and has the potential to become our strongest brand globally. With the new mark, we position Norway as the origin and guarantor of the world's best seafood. Our objective is to build a brand the whole seafood industry can be proud of”, said Renate Larsen, CEO of the Norwegian Seafood Council, in a press release earlier this year.