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Children from Norskskolen - Photo:Norwegian Supplementary School (Singapore)
Norwegian Supplementary School (Singapore)

"Norskskolen" to close down

The Norwegian Supplementary School (Singapore), under the leadership of Mrs Silje Merli, has together with its board of directors decided to discontinue operations and will therefore unfortunately not resume its activities in August 2020.

The Norwegian Supplementary School (Singapore) has been an important part of the Norwegian Community in Singapore since 1983, offering weekly classes in Norwegian language and culture. This has been highly appreciated by children and families alike during the 37 years that the School has been in operation. The school has also played a key role in celebrations and festivities for the Norwegian Community in Singapore, such as the National Day Celebrations on 17 May.

Mrs Marianne Stubø Thorstensen, who was awarded the Medal of St. Olav from H.M. King Harald of Norway in 2015 for “…her outstanding services rendered in connection with the spreading of information about Norway abroad and for strengthening the bonds between expatriate Norwegians and their home country”, founded the school in the early 1980s.

Mrs Silje Merli took over operations and has headed the school for the past 8 years. The Embassy, as well as the wider community, are grateful for their commitment and engagement, and we know that the School will be missed by many children and families.

The Embassy has greatly appreciated the role played by “Norskskolen” in the Norwegian community in Singapore, and we have enjoyed cooperating with the School on a number of occasions. We wish Mrs Merli the best of luck with her future endeavours, and thank her for her efforts over a number of years.

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