Nordic Green: The Nordic ambassadors  - Photo:The Nordic Ambassadors on how to reduce our carbon footprint. Photo: Riku Mäkelä, Embassy of Finland
The Nordic Ambassadors on how to reduce our carbon footprint. Photo: Riku Mäkelä, Embassy of Finland

Nordic Green – exploring Nordic solutions to reduce our carbon footprint

This year’s Nordic Green brought together the Nordic ambassadors and companies to discuss the topic of reducing our carbon footprint. Unique initiatives in the Nordics were presented and the speaker panel explored how companies in the Asia-Pacific are working to cut their carbon emissions.

| Event Summary & Recordings

Nordic Green Conference was held at the Tanglin Club this year and organised in conjunction with the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) on October 28. 

WATCH Event recording here. 

During the first segment of the conference, the Nordic ambassadors to Singapore took part in a panel discussion on what the Nordic countries are doing to reduce their carbon footprint. From the Norwegian side, Ambassador Eivind Homme presented the Longship project, the Norwegian government’s ambition to develop a full-scale CCS value chain in Norway by 2024. Norway already has 25 years of experience with capturing and storing CO2 under the seabed in the North Sea. Our ambassador also spoke about the rapid electrification of ferries in Norway. 

The second segment involved a fireside chat between Nordic companies in the region with the energy consultancy Rystad Energy present from Norway’s side. The other companies were IKEA from Sweden, Hempel from Denmark, Neste from Finland, and Meniga from Iceland. They discussed different ways their companies are working to cut carbon emissions and the challenges they face in building a sustainable future. Nordic innovations that are relevant for Singapore and the region were also proposed, as well as the obstacles that needs to be overcome. There remains great potential for partnerships between Norway and Singapore in the realm of cutting carbon emissions and working towards sustainability. 

The Nordic Green was organised by the Norwegian Embassy and Innovation Norway, in collaboration with the other Nordic Embassies and Nordic trade promotion offices in Singapore, and Nordic Innovation House Singapore.