Maritime workshop - Photo:Innovation Norway
Innovation Norway

Maritime Innovation Workshop with MPA

Innovation Norway invited 30 leaders from the Norwegian maritime community in Singapore to a Maritime Innovation Workshop to discuss challenges facing the industry today. The workshop was part of MPA’s Maritime Innovation Process (MIP), and was done in partnership with the MPA and NBAS.

| Event Summary: Maritime Industry

The maritime industry puts a lot of emphasis on innovation to improve quality and efficiency while reducing costs. Generating problem statements and connecting their owners with relevant solution providers is an important process to help facilitate this.  

The MIP seeks to serve as the key platform for maritime companies to partner different solver communities in catalysing open innovation to address industry/maritime companies’ challenges/opportunities.  

As part of the MIP, the workshop covered several problems facing the industry today, such as:  

  • The need for a common platform for P&I clubs to gather and analyse data to prevent future accidents  
  • The need for a generic solution for approving condition-based and predictive maintenance  
  • The need for a digital solution for providing Proof of Delivery onboard ships to eliminate physical vessel stamps  
  • The need for a sustainability roadmap akin the Maritime Digitalisation Roadmap to help companies manouvre in a complex field  

Following the workshop, problem statement owners will be matched with relevant solver communities, such as start-ups, maritime tech companies, research institutions and others.