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Legalisation of documents for use in Norway – Apostille

From 16 September 2021, Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) will issue Apostilles for documents which requires legalisation. Norway requires legalisation of Singaporean documents for use in Norway.

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An Apostille is a certificate issued under the Apostille Convention authenticating the origin of a public document. Contracting Parties to the Apostille Convention can agree to accept Apostilles in place of any other form of legalisation or authentication. The intention is to simplify cross border laws and remove the need for various legalisation rules which may differ from one jurisdiction to another.

Once the Apostille has been issued on a document, it can then be presented outside of Singapore in any Contracting Party to the Apostille Convention and should be accepted as a document containing legitimate legal signatures or seals.

Norway is a Contracting Party to the Apostille Convention. Singaporean documents with the Apostille issued on the document will no longer need further legalisation at the Norwegian Embassy in Singapore. Examples of Singaporean documents that require legalisation: birth certificate and marriage certificate. Private documents (non-governmental documents) may be legalised after they have been referred to a Notary Public for notarisation. Example: Power of attorney.

Members of the public who require legalisation service will have to:

    1. Submit an online request at
    2. Make payment online by Visa or MasterCard; and an Email Confirmation with the Invoice will be sent to the registered email address.
    3. Visit the Singapore Academy of Law from 9:00am to 4:30pm, Mondays to Fridays, to have the document legalised.
    4. Produce a copy of the Email Confirmation and Invoice when you present your documents for legalisation at the SAL Office. Alternatively, you may flash the QR code on the Invoice.
  • Please note that documents must be original versions, copies are not acceptable
  • If the original document has been laminated, please request the issuing agency to issue a certified true copy or an extract of the original document for legalisation
  • Please note that Legalisation fees paid are not refundable