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Ingrid Asp / ASD

Circuit Breaker in Singapore – Phased approach to resuming activities safely

As you already know, with effect from 7 April 2020 and until 1 June, the Government in Singapore implemented various ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures in an effort to slow down and eventually overcome the Covid-19 pandemic.

The aim is to significantly reduce the infection rates by restricting movements and interactions in public and private places.

From 2 June, Singapore will ease out of the 'Circuit Breaker' through three phases: Safe Reopening, Safe Transition and Safe Nation.

As we move into this phased approach of resuming activities safely, we encourage all of you to continue adhering closely to the various safe distancing measures that remain in place.

  • Continue to set a good example by adhering to the regulations in solidarity with the front line workers and those directly affected by the virus.
  • Safe distancing measures must be observed at all times between people of different households, and there shall not be any gathering in groups. The only exception being that from 2 June onwards it will be allowed with one daily visit to parents or grandparents limited to not more than two family members who must be from the same visiting household. Stay in touch with non-household family members and friends through video or phone calls only.
  • Businesses and schools will gradually reopen with safety measures in place. For offices, tele-commuting should continue to be practiced to the maximum extent.
  • Leave the home only for essential activities, and wear a mask when doing so – with certain, limited exceptions. No eating, drinking or loitering outside of the home. See MOH, 19 May.
  • If you need to exercise outside, exercise alone or only with members living in the same household, and in your immediate neighborhood. Do not travel unnecessarily to other parts of Singapore. See SportSG, 17 May.
  • If you travel out of Singapore, re-entry approval will be needed in order to return, and this might take time, regardless of your work pass status. Other consequences, such as unsubsidized hospital rates, quarantine requirements and travel insurance limitations might also apply. See information from the Ambassador and the MOM Travel Advisory for Employees and their Dependants, 23 March.
  • Follow all government guidelines and make sure to stay updated on the regulations as they can change rapidly. Non-compliance is an offence.


For more information on the safe distancing measures during the phased approach to resuming activities safely, see MOH, 19 May.


All of us has a part to play in order to break the chain of transmission – we can only manage this pandemic if all of us act responsibly!


Stay safe!