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New hub system and application center

| Serbia

As of 16th September 2019, the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade does no longer receive applications for Schengen visitor’s visa or residence permit to Norway from applicants residing in Serbia, Northern Macedonia or Montenegro.

Instead, the applications must be submitted to one of the Visa Application Centres run by VFS Global: 

  • Norway Visa Application Centre in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Norway Visa Application Centre in Prishtine, Kosovo
  • Norway Visa Application Centre in Turkey

The Visa Application Centre will forward the applications to the Norwegian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, which is the regional Hub for immigration cases.


This is what you should know when applying for a visitor’s visa or residence permit to Norway:


  • Where to apply?

All applicants must meet and apply in person at one of the following VFS Global application centres:

Norway Visa Application Centre Belgrade, Serbia:

Norway Visa Application Centre Prishtina, Kosovo:

Norway Visa Application Centres in Turkey:


  • Introduction of a service fee and courier fee

As before, there will be an application fee payable online when you register your application in the Application Portal. What is new, is that applications submitted in Serbia also will be subject to a service fee and a courier fee charged by VFS to cover transportation of the application documents between the visa application centre and Ankara. These fees are payable to VFS Global on your application day.

For information about fees, including refund policies, see the website of VFS Global and .


  • Extended waiting time for Schengen visa:

The processing time for Schengen visas to Norway is up 15 days from the date the application is received at the Embassy in Ankara. Please take note that you should account for additional 10 days for sending the application documents between the VFS application centre and Ankara. We highly recommend that you apply well in advance, at least 5 weeks prior to your planned trip.


  • Ongoing applications

If you have applied for a residence permit at the Embassy in Belgrade prior to 16th of September 2019, you will be notified about the decision either by the VFS application centre or by the Hub Embassy in Ankara. If you have given someone Power of attorney to represent you in your case, the notification will be sent to the person you have authorised.


  • New visa rules from February 2020

Please take note of the following changes in the Visa Regulation (Visa Code) which will enter into force 2nd February 2020:

• Increased fees: The visa fees will be increased from EUR 60 to EUR 80. For children between 6 and 12 years old, the visa fee will be increased from EUR 35 to EUR 40.

• Flexible submission: As of 2nd February 2020 travelers will be able to submit their visa applications up to 6 months ahead of the scheduled departure date. Seafarers can apply up to 9 months in advance. As a rule, applications shall be lodged no later than 15 calendar days before the start of the intended visit to the Schengen area. Please note that 15 calendar days are counted from the day the Embassy in Ankara receives your application.

• Processing time: Visa applications shall be decided on within 15 calendar days after the embassy or consulate has received the application. The decision period may be extended to 45 days when further consideration is needed.