Sweet export success

As Serbia is exporting more and more good quality honey, Norway is cited as one of the most important export countries.

According to the latest data of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the honey export has grown for 7 per cent in 2017 when compared to 2016, while the beehives export is 17 per cent higher for the same period.

Last year, Serbia exported a total of 2,145 tons of honey worth 9.1 million dollars, mainly to Norway, Italy, Germany, Austria and Montenegro. Since Serbia is suitable for beekeeping, the Chamber of Commerce believes that honey is great export opportunity of Serbia.

You probably remember last summer when Serbian bees were busy travelling from flower to flower collecting nectar and pollen grains for honey which can be found in Norway.

As of August, sunflower honey, flower honey, acacia honey and other "fra Serbia" can be found in different Norwegian towns thanks to Honning AS. Packed in elegant jars, it has found its place in shops in Revetal, Sande, Borre, Åsgårdstrand, Tolvsrød, Eik, Tønsberg, Tolvsrød, Tønsberg, Nøtterøy, Sandefjord, Stokke, Larvik, Helgeroa, Stavern, Skien, Porsgrunn, Krokstadelva, Lilleaker and Sandvika.

According to Honning AS, Norwegians seem to like the Serbian honey a lot. "The quality of the honey is very good and all honey that goes into production is approved and tested by a renowned laboratory in Germany. This is extremely important in order for us to be able to sell these products on the Norwegian market," Honning AS explained.

This was the last in a series of examples of successful Serbian honey producers reaching the Norwegian market with their quality products in the past few years.