Novicom offers scholarships to students of Scandinavian Language and Literature

Novicom employees
Novicom employees

In 1988 the Department of Scandinavian Language and Literature was established at the University of Belgrade. Since then this department has been popular among Serbian students. This year, the Norwegian company Novicom awarded the first scholarships to students of Scandinavian language and literature.

Novicom has operated in Belgrade since 2008, this is the first year they are awarding the scholarship. The goal is to encourage students who have chosen to study Nordic languages and literature.

The scholarship is given to students in their 3rd or 4th year. Only students in the Scandinavian langue and literature department are eligible to apply.   

The first scholarships were awarded to Danijela Zivkovic og Petar Petkovski. You can see their contributions here. (In Norwegian)

Applications for the scholarships will open on 1 September. Novicom is looking for creative students with a passion for Scandinavian languages and literature. Information and inquiries should be directed to Novicom. More information can be found here. (In Norwegian)