Norwegian movies to hit Montenegrin and Serbian cinemas

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With autumn just around the corner, the movie time is in place. Get ready for two awarded Norwegian movies coming to your city this autumn.

Inspired by the legacy of masters such as Ingmar Bergman and Lasse Halstromm, Nordic filmmakers are becoming more and more popular with their distinct style. They are responsible for many great films varying from the works of Dogme movement to lighthearted documentaries.

With the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers, embassies of Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden have decided to bring a taste of Nordic movies to Serbia and Montenegro. Ms Mari Nordmo Loose, Second Secretary at the Norwegian Embassy, will officially open the Nordic Film Days in Podgorica on September 12. Our favourites are two Norwegian movies: Staying alive and The Optimists.

Staying alive (Podgorica - September 12; Berane - September 19; Cacak - September 29; Herceg Novi - October 6; Valjevo - October 19; Kotor - October 23; Kovin - November 8; Niksic - November 27; Bar - December 14)

This is a film by women for women sending an important feminist message exploring modern divorce and the struggle to maintain a certain sense of normalcy in life. This realistic yet a touching comedy follows Marianne (34) whose rather ‘cozy’ life has been filled with happy moments with her boyfriend Håkon and their two children Emma and Jens turns upside down as she discovers out of the blue that Håkon is having an affair at work.

With support of her best friend, Marianne stumbles into her new life where she eventually discovers that coziness is overrated and having fun is all that matters.

According to Cinema Scandinavia, “Staying Alive takes the audience on a profoundly emotional voyage through the distress and readjustments brought on by divorce. Thanks to the perspicuous talent of Norwegian newcomer Charlotte Blom who deftly balances the comic relief with more dramatic moments, we experience Marianne’s pain and journey of self-discovery.”

The Optimists (Herceg Novi - October 7; Kovin - November 10)

The movie takes us to the town of Hamar where we follow an extraordinary amateur volleyball team consisting of ladies between 66 and 98. We are tracking their progress as they take the big leap -- they are up for their first match, after 30 years of training, against a men’s team in Sweden.

One of the main characters is Goro who struggles to master her volleyball serve, which culminates in a touching surprise. This moving, humorous, and absorbing documentary will show us that there is no reason to fear of anything. Goro and other ladies are here to demonstrate it.

As Hollywood Reporter put it “For all its spunk and humor, The Optimists is an illuminating look at the way the elderly live, at least at least in a Nordic social democracy with universal health care.”


For full programme, see below:


Location: EU Info Center

Staying alive (2015)  NOR  12.09. u 18h

Shed no tears (2013)   SWE  21.09. u 18h

The Man without Past  (2002) FIN   29.09. u 18h

Silent heart (2014)  DEN 05.10 u 18h


Berane, 16 – 19.09. u 20h

Location: JU Centar za kulturu,

Silent heart (2014)  DEN  16.09. u 20h

Shed no tears (2013)   SWE 17.09. u 20h

Staying alive (2015)  NOR 18.09. u 20h

The Man without Past  (2002) FIN  19.09. u 20h


Čačak, 26 -29.09

Location: Dom kulture Čačak

The Man without Past  (2002) FIN 26.09. u 20h

Shed no tears (2013) SWE   27.09. u 20h

Key House Mirror (2015)  DEN  28.09. u 20h

Staying alive (2015)  NOR  29.09. u 20h


Herceg Novi, 5. - 8.10

Location: Dvorana Park, Hercegfest

5.10. Shed no tears (2013) SWE u 18:00 

5.10. Long Story Short (2015) DEN u 18:00

6.10. The Man without Past  (2002) FIN u 18:00

6.10. Staying alive (2015)  NOR u 21:00

7.10. The optimists (2013)  NOR u 18:00

7.10. Unknown soldier (1955)  FIN u 21:00

8.10. Key House Mirror (2015)  DEN u 18:00

8.10. The girl who saved my life (2016) SWE u 21:00


Valjevo  19 - 20.10

Location: Hol centra za kulturu Valjevo

19.10. Staying alive (2015)  NOR u 19h

19.10. Shed no tears (2013)  SWE u 21h

20.10. The Man without Past  (2002) FIN u 19h

20.10. Key House Mirror (2015)  DEN u 21h


Kotor 23.10. - 30.10.

Location: JU Kulturni centar, Kino „Boka“ Kotor

23.10.  Staying alive (2015) NOR  u 20h 

24.10  Shed no tears (2013)  SWE u 20h

25.10. Key House Mirror (2015)  DEN u 20h

26.10. The Man without Past FIN  (2002)  u 20h

27.10. The girl who saved my life (2016) u 20h

28.10. The optimists (2013) NOR u 20h

29.10. Long Story Short (2015) DEN u 20h

30.10.  Unknown soldier (1955) u 20h


Kovin 8 - 11.11 Lokacija: Centar za kulturu

8.11. Staying alive (2015)  NOR u 18h

8.11. Shed no tears (2013)  SWE u 20h

9.11. Key House Mirror (2015) DEN u 18h

9.11. The Man without Past  (2002) FIN u 20h

10.11. The girl who saved my life (2016)  SWE u 18h

10.11. The optimists (2013)  NOR u 20h

11.11. Long Story Short  (2015) DEN u 18h

11.11. Unknown soldier (1955)   FIN u 20h


Niksic  27 – 28.11.

Location: Centar za kulturu, Nikšić

Key House Mirror (2015) DEN 27.11. u 18:00

Staying alive (2015)  NOR  27.11 u 20:30

The Man without Past  (2002) FIN 28.11. u 18:00

Shed no tears (2013)    SWE 28.11. u 20:30

Bar 12. – 15. 12.

Location: Zavičajni muzej kralja Nikole, Amfiteatar (Jovana Tomasevica 57)

The Man without Past (2002) FIN 12.12. u 19h

Key House Mirror (2015) DEN 13.12. u 19h

Staying alive (2015) NOR  14.12. u 19h

Shed no tears (2013) SWE  15.12. u 19h