Norwegian language lovers to meet over coffee for practice and fun

On Wednesday, 18 April, Sprat/Zaokret bar in Cetinjska street in Belgrade at 7PM will for the first time turn into a Norwegian chitchat room.

Fancy talking Norwegian and getting to know the Norwegian culture? The Polyglot Club Norsk KafĂ© is the place for you on Wednesday evening. Norwegian language is on the menu while drinks can be ordered and paid at the bar. 

The menu is due to take us on a journey up North to get a glimpse of the Norwegian happiness, freedom, honesty, welfare, good health, generosity and other Norwegian values and characteristics. One will also get a chance to hear about the Norwegian history, festivals, cuisine, sports, traditions, arts, music, dances, cinema, theatre, literature, family, holidays and also waffles. 

Everyone is welcome to join in, and the entrance is free, but the love for Norway and Norwegian language is the only precondition.

In return, one will not only get to know a lot more about Norway, but will also have great time and practice the language in a friendly environment with native speakers.

The special guests this time are the the Norwegian Association in Serbia and the Nordic Business Alliance. 

This is one in a series of meetings that Polyglot Club is organising in a relaxed atmosphere open to learning and improving languages. The concept is that after a check in, everyone sits at a table of the desired language (every table has a sign). The only rule is to use the language of the table to communicate. Switching tables is also possible and one can try as many tables as he/she wants.

Since it is a public event and the number of seats is limited, come a bit earlier to secure your seat. See you on 18 April!