Norwegian-Greek "Shadows" in Belgrade's KC Grad


What could one wish more on a summer evening than an exhibition showcasing shadowed photographs of Belgrade.

From July 3-16, Belgraders can enjoy the shadows of their fellow citizens on the walls of KC Grad. The photographs interact with the landscapes and with people, showing their narratives and their participation.
This is all through lenses of Norwegian artist Nora Adwan met Greek artist Athanasia Panagea who met in Belgrade few years back and agrred to place the Serbian capital on a map of their investigatory exploration of cities. Namely, the project which is supported by Bergen Kommune is ongoing from 2013 and is based on observation and shared experiences, traveling in the relatively newly determined countries of the European continent. They have been searching for the unseen, obscure or obvious shadows of people and their worlds.
“The project is about finding mutual subjects of interest, and discovering how changing political landscapes are visualized, both publicly and privately. The deep shadows these political changes cast on the emotional lives of individuals is the subject of the project.” the artists said.
As a follow up, the artists also plan to go back to the places they photographed and document potential changes. According to Nora, the changes can either be objcetive or just in their own impressions.
This is also the last exhibition in KC Grad before their summer season officially starts, so do not miss this opportunity.