Norwegian documentary ’Shooting ourselves’ premieres in Macedonia


Philosophical Film Festival in Skopje is bringing new Norwegian documentary movie ‘Shooting ourselves’ and its filmmaker Christine Cynn, co-director of the Academy Award nominated film, ‘The Act of Killing’.

The 2014 Global Peace Index Report’s found that the world has become increasingly more violent since 2008, reversing a 63-year trend for increased peace and stability since 1945. The report also suggested that 500 million people live in countries at risk of instability and conflict.

Having all this in mind, Norwegian filmmaker Christine Cynn wanted to document the stories from many conflicts, past and current. In ‘Shooting Ourselves’ we watch protagonists compare their experiences, and question the costs and benefits of armed conflict. Underneath, however, each person is respected and their common humanity allows them to relate to one another.

Ultimately, the film poses a question regarding how we relate to people far away from ourselves, people with whom we are economically and politically entangled, but whose emotional lives remain anonymous, or whom we ‘see’ through distorting filter of fear.

Christine is coming to the Macedonian premiere and public will have a chance to hear and debate the question of costs and benefits of armed conflict in today’s world. In addition to this, Christine will hold a masterclass for audience in Skopje.

She became well known in 2012 after co-directing ‘Act of Killing’, a documentary film about the individuals who participated in the Indonesian killings of 1965–66. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature and won best documentary at the 67th BAFTA awards.

The screening of ‘Shooting Ourselves’ is due on April 1, 2017 as part of the 7th edition of Philosophical Film Festival. Held annually, the Festival lasts from March 30 - April 7 in the Cinematheque of Macedonia.