Transforming tragedy into opportunity

Start of construction
The construction of the new kindergarten has started

Last year the kindergarten in Shuto Orizari burned down. With the help of Norwegian funds the kindergarten will reopen in 2019.

Shuto Orizari is a municipality in Macedonia with approximately 17,000 inhabitants. On the 28th of February 2017 their only kindergarten burnt down, and it was therefore essential to have it rebuilt. A grant provided by Norway will fund the rebuilding of the kindergarten, a project that will be implemented in cooperation with the UNDP.

“The children are in a real danger of falling behind at a young age, therefore we are very happy to be able to contribute to this very important project," says the Norwegian Ambassador Arne Sannes Bjørnstad.

The fire is an opportunity to build something new and better by transforming tragedy into opportunity. The new building will be more energy-efficient in order to reduce operational costs and it will be accessible for children with disabilities. It will also include a daycare center open to children exposed to additional risks and children living on the streets.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy informed that they are working on getting more staff and that investing in children is crucial. “Every child matters and it is of high priority for this government to create the best opportunities for all children,” says the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Mila Carovska. 

The project is expected to be finalized in March 2019 and will restore a proper environment for early childhood education and preschool care in Shuto Orizari. The kindergarten is expected to serve up to 190 children in the future.

Kindergarten design