Macedonian wines conquering Norway

Tikves wine d.png

Norwegians have discovered Macedonian wine makers and started loving their tradition to craft powerful wines with joyful scent of the South.

As an old proverb says: If you want to get to know a nation well, sit at their table and drink their wine. It follows that Norwegians are keen on learning more about Macedonia. Namely, Kamnik, Terra Makedonika, Tikves, Bovin Winery, all from Macedonia, can be bought in Norway. A Norwegian wine importer “Quality Wine Import” has recognised the quality and good taste of the Macedonian wines. Based in Stavanger on the west coast of Norway, the company is focused on the wines from the Balkans, and the Vranec grape.

Macedonia has a long tradition of wine producing which dates back to the Romans where emperors preferred Macedonian grapes for their wines. The Ottomans thought the same and the Macedonian wine production flourished in the monasteries at that time. In the socialist Macedonia, the wine industry was not seen as top priority and has only seen its come back in the past two decades, with the independence of Macedonia.

There are three wine regions in the Balkan country: the Tikves district of the Povardarie region (central Macedonia), Pcinja-Osogovo region (Eastern Macedonia) and wineries around Ohrid lake and Polog region (Western Macedonia). With more than 20 different grape varieties, Tikves district presents the heartland of Macedonia wine producing. Located on the Vardar River, people have been producing wine there for more than two millennia.

Despite Vranes which is preferred in the Norwegian market, other main varieties grown in Macedonia include Vranec, Plavac, Traminec, Kratosija, and Zrilavka.

Norwegian market is only one example of how Macedonia, as one of the oldest and richest histories of wine production in the world, is reviving the wine industry. According to the Association of the Macedonian wine producers, their goal is to become the world’s preferred wine maker.