Kolasin to sing and dance in the rhythm of Norway


As “Montenegro in the rhythm of Europe” contest is just around the corner, Marta Medenica from Kolasin is busy doing her dance practice rounds and practicing her vocal warmups in tunes of the Norwegian “Fairytale”.

“Honour, challenge and excitement!” This is how Marta describes how she feels about the forthcoming competition. She won a contest in Kolasin and was chosen to represent Norway in the “Montenegro in the rhythm of Europe” competition due in late April.

Marta’s choice fell on the song Fairytale by Norwegian violinist and singer Alexander Rybak who won Eurovision Song finals in 2009. “The fact that Marta will be singing in Norwegian the song, which was sung in English at the Eurovision contest, makes it even more of a challenge. But she will try to present Norway in the best way,” Marta’s mother Svetlana said.

Therefore, every Thursday Marta has a dancing teacher coming to practice choreography and the last two times a singing teacher joined to work with her on the song as well. The costume for the performance has been designed but has yet to be made.

Marta has really taken it all seriously and is trying every day to learn new things about Norway as the country she will represent.

The event “Montenegro in the rhythm of Europe'' is aimed for children in primary and secondary schools and is designed in accordance with the European charter on youth participation in the life on the local and regional level as well as with the EU White Paper on Youth. The goal of this competition, the largest of its kind in Montenegro, is to present the countries of Europe and the European Union, ambassadors of these countries with children singing in the language of the European country they got. The award is a travel to the country they represent.

Ambassador Arne Sannes Bjornstad has already met with Marta in Kolasin and encouraged her to give her best. We are all cheering for her from the Embassy!