Frozen songs, warm memories

As the Belgrade Dance Festival nears, the choreographer from Norway is looking forward to comeback to Serbia.

“I felt we really connected to the audience last time, both the aesthetics, the theme, and physicality,” said Ina Christel Johannessen, the Norwegian choreographer referring to her visit to Belgrade in 2015 with performance The Guest. 

This year, she is coming with “Frozen Songs”, which is taking us on an unusual journey deep inside the Global Seed Vault at Svalbard, in the dark and cold, the source of life and possible new beginnings are being kept. “This theme, the global warming, is crucial for everyone,” Ina explains.

The cast of seven dancers give “Frozen Songs” a unique and powerful physicality, combined with poetic and often theatrical elements that we will get the opportunity to see at the coming Belgrade Dance Festival. 

Anki Gerhardsen, theatre critic said that the complexity and richness make "Frozen Songs" so good that it is heart-rending. “Because there is nothing here that is purely ornamental, nothing that appears as an idée fixe. Every individual part has a strong and necessary place in the whole.”

Frozen Songs, which premiered in Norway in September, is produced by “Zero visibility corp.” founded by Johannessen in 1996. This Oslo-based company’s artistic work is characterised by a striking physical and technical expression, allowing the dancers to excel, but at the same time express the complexity of human life, our feelings, emotions and conditions. 

Johannessen is the award-winning choreographer, educated at the National College of Performing Arts in Oslo, where she now teaches choreography classes. She is very much involved in and cooperating on the creating of visual elements such as lighting and set design, which play crucial parts of her work as a whole. The musical elements are always composed of electronic works from international composers, either new or rewritten works. We still remember her great performance “The Guest” which was one of the headliners at the 15th Belgrade Dance Festival two years ago.

There are only few seats left so hurry up to secure yours.