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Call for proposals

Open Call: Strengthening EU integration in Serbia and Montenegro

Published on 10 May 2017


The purpose of the Call

The over-all goal of Norway’s assistance to the Western Balkans is to contribute to development of rule of law and stability through initiatives that promote:

A)     Stability

  • Closer regional cooperation
  • Implementation of transitional justice in the region
  • Reconciliation

B)     Socio-economic development at country level and in the region

  • Increased economic growth and competitiveness
  • Increased capacity in the field of environment/climate/energy
  • Increased social and economic inclusion of marginalised groups

C)     Good governance

  • The rule of law strengthened through capacity-building of courts, prosecuting authorities, independent control bodies and the police
  • A more democratic and effective defence sector
  • Strong, vibrant and independent civil society and media
  • Minorities and marginal groups ensured rights in accordance with international agreements, both formally and in practice
  • The fight against organised crime and corruption established as a top priority for the authorities.

The development assistance is guided by four cross-cutting considerations: Human rights, women’s rights and equality, climate and environment and anti-corruption.  

Norway considers the 2030 Agenda with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a roadmap for national and international efforts aimed at inclusive development, prosperity, justice and stability. For Norwegian development assistance to the Western Balkans Goal 5 (achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls), 8 (promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all), 9 (build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation) and 16 (promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies) carry particular weight.

Serbia and Montenegro are negotiating with the EU with the aim to become members of the European Union. This process requires substantial reforms defined in the action plans for each chapter. Norway aims to contribute to the implementation of the reform processes by opening this call.

This call aims to provide project-based support within the three priority areas of Norwegian development assistance to Ministries, local governments and public institutions participating in promoting and enhancing EU integration of Serbia and Montenegro. The proposed actionmust contribute to Serbian and Montenegrin EU integration process in one or more of the following chapters:

Chapter 5: Public procurement

Chapter 8: Competition policy

Chapter 23: Judiciary and fundamental rights

Chapter 24: Justice, freedom and security

Chapter 27: Environment (for Montenegro only)

Chapter 32: Financial control

Chapter 35: Other issues – Normalisation of relations between Serbia and Kosovo (for Serbia only)

The proposed activities must take place in Serbia and/or Montenegro.

The Embassy will approve support to the selected partner for the duration of up to 2 years, with possibility of extension.

The support will be reviewed after each year of implementation, with the possibility for continuation, depending on successful implementation of the projects and available funds.

Grant requested should be above 100 000 EUR.

The project implementation period is up to 24 months from the time of approval of application.   


Who can apply?

Ministries, local governments, public institutions in Serbia and Montenegro and international organisations.

Civil Society Organization (CSO) cannot be applicants in this grant scheme, but they can participate in the project as partners. A separate Call for proposals will be made for CSOs at a later stage.

Commercial organizations are not eligible for support, but they can participate in the project costs if their services are procured.


The Application

The call for applications will be open from the day of publishing until July 1, 2017.

The application consists of the following mandatory documents:

  • The application form. Template and guidance for filling S01 – Application for project/programme support is attached.
  • Results      framework – template is attached.
  • Budget – The Budget must be in line with sound financial management. The budget shall be presented in EUR and include payment of VAT and other taxes. The applicant should specify contribution from their own sources as well as from other sources (if any). The cost of external audit must be included in the budget. The attached budget example could be used.



Applications should be sent via email to: [email protected]

Once the complete application is received, the applicant will receive the Embassy's confirmation.

The applicant will receive e-mail notification of the Embassy’s decision made on the application.

A Cooperation Agreement will be signed with the selected partner. The agreement template, consisting of 3 parts, is attached.

The name of the selected partners will be published on the Embassy’s web site   

The total amount in the Grant Agreement is given in Norwegian Kroner (NOK). The payment will be in EUR. In general, the Grant shall be disbursed in advance instalments, based on the financial need of the Project for the upcoming period and the progress report.


See the following attachments:

1 - S01 – Application for project, programme support.docx

2 - Guide for filling application S01.docx

3 - Template results framework.docx

4 - Budget example.xls

5 - Grant agreement template - Specific Conditions.docx

6 - Grant agreement part II General Conditions and III Procurement.pdf

7 - S61 Progress report, Project and programme support.doc

8 - S81 Final report, Project and programme support.doc

9 - Frequently asked questions