A guide to Belgrade’s Resonate with Norwegian touch


New age band Biosphere and artists Marius Watz, both from Norway, are coming to the 6th Resonate festival celebrating the world of new media art and digital culture with a strong programme of avant-garde electronic music.

Every year, Resonate has a strong focus and exchange with various artists from Norway. This year, Norwegian musicians and lecturer are chosen to represent the cutting edge of the contemporary creative industry in the world.

The festival goers will thus get a chance to hear Norwegian Marius Watz, an artist working with visual abstraction through generative software processes, but also a new age music band from Norway, Biosphere, both on April 22.

Marius Watz is known for hardedged geometrical forms and vivid colors, with outputs ranging from pure software works to public projections and physical objects produced with digital fabrication technology.

Watz has exhibited at venues like the Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Todaysart (The Hague), ITAU Cultural (Sao Paulo), Museumsquartier (Vienna), and Galleri ROM (Oslo). In a curating capacity, he founded Generator.x in 2005 as a platform for a series of events related to generative art and computational design. In 2010 he co-curated the exhibition “abstrakt Abstrakt: The Systemized World” with Eno Henze at the Frankfurter Kunstverein.

He is also a visiting lecturer in Interaction Design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, regularly lecturing and teaching workshops at schools and art institutions around the world.

 Biosphere's Geir Jenssen hails from Tromsø, Norway. A founding member of quasi-new age Norwegian trio Bel Canto, Jenssen recorded a pair of albums with that group for Belgium's Crammed label before departing to record solo, first as Bleep, then as Biosphere. He is well known for his “ambient techno” and “arctic ambient” styles, his use of music loops, and peculiar samples from sci-fi sources. His track “Novelty Waves” was used for the 1995 campaign of Levi’s, while his 1997 album Substrata is generally seen as one of the all-time classic ambient albums.

On Resonate, he will be performing improvisations or variations on newer tracks on a laptop while video art will be projected behind him. Although his performances are rarely tied specifically to a recent album release, the uptempo material from the Bleep and Microgravity/Patashnik era is occasionally featured in Biosphere performances.

More about the time schedule and tickets can be found on the Resonate’s website.