Jovana Rakezic

The Norwegian Residence in Belgrade

The building in Tolstojeva 19 is one of the biggest and most extravagant Norwegian residences owned by Statsbygg.


The building in Tolstojeva 19 dates back to 1937/38 as a family villa of Katarina Kasidolac and her husband, diplomat Dragomir Kasidolac.

The married couple never lived in the house, which is a masterpiece of the architect Vladislav Vladisavljevic. The Brazilian diplomatic mission moved in when the house was finished and it used the villa as a residence and consulate until the Nazi occupation of Belgrade in 1941. During the occupation, the Nazis confiscated the property and Gestapo used the facilities.

In 1956, the state of Norway bought the property. Since the late 1960s, the building has served as a residence for the Norwegian ambassador following the relocation of the Norwegian embassy in Belgrade.


The residence is first and foremost utilizsd in association with lectures, meetings, concerts, receptions, lunches and dinners. In 2012, 60 different events were held in the residence with a total of 1,300 participants.


Since 2010, Statsbygg has carried out substantial changes at the property in Tolstojeva 19. The kitchen is upgraded and modernized so that it has become more functional. Furthermore, all of the representations rooms have been provided with new furniture, and all of the lightening facilities have been replaced.

The exterior of the house has also been completely renovated and all the windows and doors have been substituted with new ones. The brick wall around the property has been upgraded in order to meet the security standards of the Norwegian Foreign Affairs.

The technical infrastructure, which comprises water and draining system, electrical plants and gas system, have also been replaced and the heating system is awaiting renovation.

The attic, which is located right over the big hall, has been isolated in order to prevent heat loss.

When it comes to the general design of the building, it has been constructed so that wheelchair users can easily access the property.

About Statsbygg

Statsbygg is a public sector administration company responsible to the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation (KMD). Statsbygg provides appropriate and functional premises to public sector enterprises, as well as realising prevailing sociopolitical objectives in relation to architecture, governmental planning interests, preservation of heritage sites and the environment.