Consular and other fees

Please note that as of March 15, 2017 all payments to the Embassy should be made at Raiffeisen Bank AD Beograd, Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard No. 4, Usce Shopping Mall.

You can download the following bank form: Zahtev za placanja - Ambasada Norveske.doc and fill in prior to heading to the bank. See this example for guidance.

For certain consular services the Embassy is entitled to charge certain fees. The fees are regulated by central authorities in Norway. The nominal fee may change from time to time, as well as more often, the exchange rates. Changes may occur without prior notice. All fees are to be paid in cash in EUR or RSD against a receipt.

According to the Regulation relating to fees payable at Norway's diplomatic and consular missions, the following fees apply at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade:


Processing fee for: 

Ordinary passport for applicants over 16: NOK 1290. RSD: 14.000. EUR: 120 

Ordinary passport for applicants under 16: NOK 770. RSD: 8.400. EUR: 70

Temporary (emergency) passport: NOK 1690. RSD: 18.400. EUR: 160 

Legalization/verification of documents and/or signatures: NOK 288. RSD: 3.100. EUR: 27

Verifying correct copy, including signing the document - per page: NOK 50. RSD: 550. EUR: 5

Verifying correct copy, including signing the document - minimum charge: NOK 150. RSD: 1.600. EUR: 15

Transfer of money: 10% of transferred amount - minimum: NOK 300. RSD: 3.300. EUR: 30

Transfer of money: 10% of transferred amount - maximum: NOK 5.000. RSD: 54.400. EUR: 460


Should you need any further information, please contact the Embassy at +381 (0)11 320 8000 or by email: