12. Sept. 2019

Visa applications

Dear all visa applicants, this is the current status for Visa applications from the Norwegian Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

Dear all visa applicants,

The Norwegian Visa Hub in Abu Dhabi is currently processing applications as follows:


Iran: Applications submitted September

Pakistan: Applications submitted August/September

Saudi Arabia: Applications submitted September

UAE: Applications submitted September


Kindly note that we give priority according to travel dates and our target is to provide an answer prior to departure dates. We still have some cases where the applications were submitted early August, but are travelling in September and October. As long as all the required documents have been submitted, applicants will get an answer prior to the travel date.


It is important that travelers apply for Schengen visa to Norway at least 30 days before your planned travel date. In this regard, we stress that you should not buy your tickets and pay hotel bookings before you know that a visa has been granted.


Kindly note that you need to have a prebooked appointment with VFS in order to submit your visa or residence permit applications. Information on how to book appointments can be found at the homepage of VFS Global.







We also refer to information on the webpages of VFS Global and VFS Helpline.


Wishing you a very good trip to @visitnorway, with kindest regards


Royal Norwegian Embassy Abu Dhabi.