The applicant or the authorised representative will be notified when the processing of the application has been concluded and when the decision can be collected.

The applicant's passport can be picked up where the application was submitted, normally within 2 weeks after UDI made the decision. (Please allow for courier time between the countries). If the applicant has availed of a courier return service at the time of submission to VFS, the passport will be delivered to the address provided by the applicant.

If a residence permit has been granted, the applicant will still need an entry visa to enter Norway. An entry visa will be placed in the applicant's passport to allow travel to Norway.

If the application was rejected by UDI, the applicant will receive a written explanation as to why it was rejected. An appeal must be sent to the Directorate of Immigration by uploading the documents on their website.

Information about the appeal process can be found on the UDI website.