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Scandinavian Film Festival - Photo:Scandinavian Film Festival
Scandinavian Film Festival Scandinavian Film Festival

Scandinavian Film Festival

Davao City - Embassies of Denmark, Norway and Sweden in Manila, in partnership with the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) and SM Lanang Premiere, have come together for the first Scandinavian Film Festival in the Philippines. It will happen in Davao City from April 28 to May 3 2019.

| Davao

This momentous film festival will feature over 30 contemporary films of different genres, offering Filipinos a glimpse of Scandinavian culture and way of life. By reaching out to the Mindanao audience, the Scandinavian Film Festival leverages on the power of film to foster a deeper mutual understanding and dialogue between our cultures.

Among the notable line up of films that will be screened for the first time in Mindanao is the intimate triangle drama “Rosita” starring Mercedes Cabral. “Rosita” (2015) tells a story about a father and son who fall in love with the same woman. The film won Frederikke Aspöck best director award at the Moscow International Festival in 2015. “Rosita” will be the festival’s inaugural film.


Rosita (Mercedes Cabral), a Filipina mail-order bride sent to a small fishing village in Denmark.

Swedish documentary “The Girl Who Saved My Life” (2016) tells the story of a Swedish filmmaker returning to Iraq to film refugees fleeing ISIS, while trying to find a young girl whom he believes saved his life. “The Girl Who saved My Life” won the Göteborg Film Festival in 2016 for the Angelos Award for Best Swedish Feature.

Hirori finds Souad, an 11-year-old girl in pain, lying alone on the ground in the scorching heat. He decides to stay and help her instead of going on the helicopter, a fateful decision that will shape both their lives.

Norway’s Box office film “The Wave” (2015) is about a Norwegian geologist and his family’s fight for survival when a landslide causes a 250-foot tidal wave. The Wave received the award for Best Norwegian Film in Theatrical Release, as well as the awards for Best Sound Design and Best Visual Effects.

A geologist gets caught in the middle of it and a race against time begins.

The Festival will showcase 23 full-length films from Denmark, Norway and Sweden at SM Lanang Premiere from 28 April to 03 May 2019, while a number of documentaries, children’s short films and films from the Mindanao Film Community will be screened at the Cinematheque Centre Davao from 29th of April to 03 May 2019

”We are very happy to be back in Davao again with Danish films. This time joined by our Norwegian and Swedish brothers in our first Scandinavian Film Fest in Davao. It is very important for us to get out of Manila and engage with Filipinos all over. We hope to see a fine crowd for our screenings. Scandinavia is well-known for its quality films” says Danish Ambassador Jan Top Christensen.

Swedish Ambassador Harald Fries notes that the Embassy of Sweden is very pleased with joining this film festival in Davao City. Through a variety of contemporary Scandinavian films, we want to bring the Davaoeños and the Scandinavian people closer to each other

“We are excited to share our stories of laughter, suspense, and history through filmsaid Norwegian Ambassador to the Philippines Bjørn Jahnsen. “Everyone will find movies that would appeal to their personal tastes as we have carefully selected the best of Scandinavian cinema today,” he added.

Davao is known for its thriving film community. It holds the longest-running regional film festival in the Philippines, the Mindanao Film Festival, which is now on its 17th year. With Davao’s sustained growth, and its location as a gateway to Mindanao, there is a blooming landscape for the city to be the next cultural hub of the Philippines.

All films will be screened for FREE on a first come, first served basis. The selection and screening of films are made possible by the Embassy of Denmark Manila, the Royal Norwegian Embassy Manila, the Embassy of Sweden in Manila, the Danish Film Institute, SM Lanang Premier, SM Cinema, the Film Development Council of the Philippines and Cinematheque Centre Davao. This film festival is supported by Arla, Sealand Maersk, QualiProducts Inc., Reefside Surf Co., and Jotun.


SM Lanang Premiere Film Schedule:

1:00 PM The Wave (Norway) 1hr 45min
3:00 PM DOCU- Martha & Nikki (Sweden) 1hr 32min
Rosita (Denmark) 1hr 32min

1:00 PM A Holy Mess (Sweden) 1hr 48min
3:00 PM I Am William (Denmark) 1hr 26min
5:00 PM Tsatsiki, D&TOW (Sweden) 1hr 31min
7:00 PM Kiss Me YFM (Norway) 1hr 33min

1:00 PM DOCU – Warmer (Norway)
3:00 PM Pioneer (Norway) 1hr 40min
5:00 PM Winter Brothers (Denmark) 1hr 33min
7:00 PM Drifters (Sweden) 1hr 36min

1:00 PM DOCU - Reflections (Sweden) 1hr 20 min
3:00 PM The Girl TMTD (Sweden) 1hr 33min
5:00 PM Darling (Denmark) 1hr 42min
7:00 PM Victoria (Norway) 1hr 46min

1:00 PM A Family (Denmark) 1hr 44min
3:00 PM Siv Sleeps Over (Sweden) 1hr 19min
5:00 PM A Serious Game (Sweden) 1 hr 55min
7:00 PM A Second Chance (Denmark) 1hr 45min1 hr

1:00 PM The Optimists (Norway) 1hr 30min
3:00 PM The Commune (Denmark) 1hr 52min
5:00 PM White People (Sweden) 1hr 22min
7:00 PM Kon Tiki (Norway) 2hrs

Cinematheque Centre Davao Schedule of Activities:

April 29, Monday
Opening Reception: Contemporary Films from Mindanao and Scandinavia

April 30, Tuesday
Documenting Conflict: Documentary Workshop with Sheron Dayoc

May 1, Wednesday
Short Films from Mindanao and Scandinavia

May 2 -3, Thursday - Friday
Documentary Films from Mindanao and Scandinavia

*Schedules may change without prior notice. Seats are on a first come, first serve basis