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Norway installs first solar-powered diplomatic residence in the Philippines

Norway installs first solar-powered diplomatic residence in the Philippines with a 16-kilowatt peak (kWp) solar power system connected to the grid structure.

| Manila

This is part of Norway’s promotion of green energy solutions according to Norwegian Ambassador to the Philippines Bjorn Jahnsen. “If we are going to reach the goals of the Paris Agenda on climate change, we have to switch to renewable energy sources,” he added.

Around 99% of the power in Norway comes from renewable energy, mostly hydroelectric resources. It is the world’s sixth largest hydropower producer and has the highest share of electricity produced from renewable sources in Europe.

Norway is also developing more renewable power sources from wind power.

Norway is also leading the world’s switch to electric cars. Almost half of cars sold in Norway in 2018 are electric or plug-in hybrid models.

In the Philippines, Norway has an established portfolio in the renewable energy sector, operating four hydropower plants in Luzon (Magat, Binga, Ambuklao and Maris), through a joint venture between state-owned Norwegian company SN Power and Aboitiz Power Group.

 “The Norwegian Embassy in Manila aims to push for the ‘green’ agenda,” said Ambassador Jahnsen. “This solar panel installation is just the first project in this transformation,” he added.

“The Philippines, like Norway, has great capacity to harness its natural resources and convert them into energy,” he concluded.