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Ingrid Asp / ASD


The Norwegian Embassy has received information from Dutch authorities that the Embassy of the Netherlands in Manila will operate special sweeper flights on 8 May to Tokyo and an onward flight from Tokyo to Amsterdam.

According to the received information, the special sweeper flight going to the Netherlands departing the Philippines on 8 May is an Air Asia flight which will make stop-overs in Puerto Princesa, Davao, Cebu and Manilla and will continue on to Tokyo. In Tokyo passengers will transfer to a KLM flight to Amsterdam. There is no need for a visa for Tokyo. It is not possible to use only a portion of the flight, all passengers have to continue to Amsterdam once on the airplane.

The departure times from the domestic airports are as follows:

  • Puerto Princesa at 07.40
  • Davao at 10.00
  • Cebu at 11.45
  • Manila at 15.15

The cost for the flight from Puerto Princesa, Davao, Cebu or Manila to Amsterdam is EUR 900. The flight will arrive at 03.45 on 9 May at Schiphol Airport.

The Embassy of the Netherlands has also informed us that they are organising a boat from the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) to pick-up stranded nationals in Bohol, Siquijor and Dumaguete on 7 May. Travellers on the boats will be brought to Cebu and stay there overnight. The travelers themselves have to organise the overnight accommodation in Cebu. The PCG boat will be confirmed early next week. If you register for the boat, but the boat is cancelled, you will not have to pay for the ticket to Amsterdam. The boats have yet to be confirmed by the Embassy of the Netherlands.

All travelers themselves are responsible for reaching the airports or harbours for the PCG boat.

Registered travelers who are accepted will receive a ticket for the KLM flight from Tokyo to Schiphol/Amsterdam. The Embassy of the Netherlands will also provide travelers with a letter for the Puerto Princesa, Davao, Cebu, Manila to Tokyo flight.

All travelers have to arrange their own onward travel from Amsterdam to Norway.

It will not be possible to label luggage through after Amsterdam and passengers have to enter the Netherlands to pick-up their luggage and continue their onward travels. This means that only EU citizens (including UK, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein) and their family members or people with a residency/long-term stay permit are allowed on the flight. More information about travel restrictions to the Netherlands can be found here:

To be registered for this trip home, please provide the following details and send them to before 06.00AM Monday 4 May 2020.   

  1. Information as requested in the registration form. You will find the form here.
  2. Signed copy of the registration form
  3. Copy/photo of passport
  4. E-mail
  5. Telephone
  6. Airport / harbour that you will travel from

We cannot process incomplete registrations.

If you will be travelling with someone, kindly indicate the names in the same email.

Please note that applying for a seat on a sweeper flight is not a guarantee of a place.