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Important news about the EFTA-PH FTA

One year ago, the FTA between the Philippines and EFTA-countries (Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) entered into force, and we are happy to report that it works on all sides. The EFTA-countries and the Philippines are truly open for business! Certainly, this is a great opportunity for Norway-Philippines trade relations to further grow.

Recently, the Philippines informed the EFTA Secretariat about the entry into force of Customs Administrative Order 4-2019. Under this order, importers are entitled to file for a refund of customs duties unduly levied in the period between the entry into force of the EFTA-Philippines FTA on 1 June 2018 and the date of effective implementation in the Philippines on 24 October 2018.

Claims must be filed at the office of the District Collector where the duty was levied, within ONE YEAR Approved claims for refund will be settled through tax credit certificates. Further information regarding the refund process can be obtained directly from the following contact point:

Mr. Emilio L. Jacinto

Tax Credit Committee Secretariat Head

Chief, Revenue Accounting Division

Bureau of Customs

Contact No.: +63 527-1570


For more details on the FTA, visit EFTA-PH FTA website.