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ADB/WB - Business Promotion - Request for Proposal

Norway is represented in the Philippines by the Embassy in Manila and the Consulate in Cebu. The Philippines and Norway have a long history of bilateral relations, owing traditionally to cooperation in the maritime sector. Today, relations between our two countries have expanded to encompass not only the shipping industry, but also other business, labour migration, and peace and reconciliation efforts.The Embassy is tasked with promoting business opportunities in the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to Norwegian companies. The Embassy is now seeking the service of a consultant or consultancy to assist the Embassy in identifying opportunities in ADB and the World Bank (WB) for Norwegian companies in selected sectors in Asia.

Project goal

  • Increase the involvement of Norwegian companies and consultants in ADB and WB projects in Asia

What we are looking for:

  • Identify early-stage initiatives, programs and projects relevant for Norwegian companies
  • Identify relevant projects and tenders within selected sectors
  • Identify key stakeholders and decision makers in the organizations within the relevant sectors
  • Summarize findings on a regularly basis in a presentable way
  • Advise the Embassy on matters related to the ADB and WB
  • Be of assistance to individual Norwegian companies that would like to pursue concrete project opportunities

Scope of work:

This project scope is limited to business opportunities related to four areas:

  • Renewable energy
  • Green shipping
  • Circular economy
  • Health tech

Time scope:

The project will start October 2022 and last until March 2023 unless extended by mutual agreement between the parties.


The main deliverables are continuous updates on the objectives listed above: relevant programs and projects; existing and upcoming tenders; business opportunities in ADB processes. The consultant(s) will present the status of findings on a regular basis to the embassy and/or relevant Norwegian stakeholders.


Evaluation criteria:

  • Competence of the personnel offered
  • Competitive cost for services
  • Understanding of assignment/topics included in the project’s scope
  • Experience with similar projects and clients
  • Description of how the assignment is intended to be solved and elaborate on the deliverables
  • Delivery security – capacity and opportunity of consultant(s) to carry out the assignment within set time frames

Submission requirements:

Description of the firm/consultant, with names and credentials of the team member(s). A representative selection of relevant projects. A short description of the method/strategy the firm/consultant would choose to achieve the projects goals and deliverables in collaboration with the Embassy (max two word-pages in total).

The signed proposal shall delivered in PDF format by email to with a copy to  The deadline for the delivery of offers is 14.10.22 at 12.00. Offers received too late will be rejected.