Gather the necessary documentation

The checklist gives an overview of the documents you need to hand in to start the application process.

Checklist that shows which documents you must hand in with the application.

Additional information about the supporting documents

If you are visiting family or friends, please be aware that the invitation letter should come from the main person that you are going to visit. Examples: Your biological family member, your spouse, your friend etc. For additional information about invitations, please click here.

If you are visiting family or friends in Norway, the person you will visit will normally have to provide a financial guarantee. For more information about the financial guarantee, please click here.

If you want someone to follow up on the application on your behalf, you must authorize this person to do so. This person can for example be the family member inviting you, or another person who you trust. You can authorize the person by filling out a power of attorney form, which you submit together with the application.

Passport information

There are different travel documents for stateless Palestinians, not all of them are accepted by all Schengen countries. The most common documents are:

The Palestinian passport: valid for travel in all Schengen countries.

The Israeli travel document for stateless persons from East Jerusalem and the Golan: valid in all Schengen countries, provided it has a valid entry permit.

The Jordanian passport in T-series: valid in most Schengen countries, except Switzerland and Lichtenstein. Germany accepts it if it has the bearers signature.