Gather the necessary documentation

The checklist gives an overview of the documents you need to hand in to start the application process.

If you want someone to act on your behalf in connection with your application, you must authorise this person to do so. Please visit the UDI website for more information and the relevant form: Power of Attorney.

Applicants are required to hand in all the necessary documents depending on the purpose of the journey. Please note that if you do not hand in all the documents, your application may be rejected. The Norway checklist is as per the Common Harmonized List of supporting documents for visa applicants from Pakistan.

The applicant has to hand in all the documents in clear, readable A4 format paper. Documents with staples, pins or glue will not be accepted. If any of your documents are not in A4 format, please hand in a copy of the document in A4.

If any of your documents are in original (such as Nikkah Namah, Birth Certificate etc...), you will have to provide a good quality copy in A4 format.