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50 Years of Partnership 50 Years of Partnership

50 Years of Partnership

The report “50 Years of Partnership”, written by Abdulaziz Usmani, gives an overview of Norway-Pakistan Development Cooperation from 1969 to 2018.

Through 50 years Norway has been a consistent and reliable partner for this fast-growing nation. Improving the everyday life of ordinary Pakistanis – an ambitious yet elusive aim for the development cooperation between Norway and Pakistan. To sum up the benefits and results of numerous programs and activities, the Embassy commissioned Abdulaziz Usmani to write the report “50 Years of Partnership - An Overview of Norway-Pakistan Development Cooperation 1969-2018”.  The report, launched on April 25, charts the trajectory of the partnership between our countries.

The people of Pakistan are eager and impatient to move forward. Its potential is enormous, but there are also challenges where our assistance can contribute in creating a better future. Improving conditions for those in need, consolidating the growing democracy, building robust government institutions, and creating a level-playing field free from corruption, will benefit all of Pakistan.

Norway has provided financial assistance to Pakistan in response to the pressing needs in various sectors as identified by the Government of Pakistan and our development partners. The Norwegian assistance focuses both on immediate results and impacts for contributing to the development for the future of Pakistan, while our work simultaneously supports Pakistan and Norway's shared social development objectives. The report provides an overview of Norway's continuous work over five decades to support social development in Pakistan.

The report can be accessed by clicking on the link below