Ambassador Kjemprud

Interview: Strengthening Ties between Nigeria and Norway

Ambassador Kjemprud was interviewed by Chisom Udeze of Mettle Consult, a consulting firm based in Norway which aims to bridge the gap between Nordic and African businesses.

"I believe that Norwegian companies can and will thrive in Nigeria and I would like to see a constant growth of Norwegian businesses in Nigeria. There are vast gaps that Norwegian companies in the energy, agriculture, aquaculture, and oil engineering sectors (among others) can fill in Nigeria.

I would like to see the growth of Norwegian businesses and investments in Nigeria and an influx of Norwegian small and medium sized businesses in Nigeria as well.  There is a need for Norwegian startups to explore the Nigerian space, find local partners, and grow. The opportunities in Nigeria are not limited to only large Norwegian companies.

In Nigeria, I would like to see and participate in humanitarian endeavors. It is Norway’s wish to see the end of the enduring conflict in the North. We would also like to see a significant improvement in the educational sector, not only in traditional academic education but also in vocational training.

The Nigerian oil and gas sector also needs to continue to evolve and grow. There is a need for Nigeria to efficiently produce its own oil. In my view, there are boundless opportunities for Norway and Nigeria to cooperate. The only thing that prevents cooperation is imagination and the 24-hour limit in each day."

- H.E. Mr. Jens-Petter Kjempud, Norwegian Ambassador to Nigeria.

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