Pictures of new Norwegian passports - Photo:Catharina Caprino / Hest Agentur
Catharina Caprino / Hest Agentur

Norwegian National Identity Number and Passport

You need a Norwegian national identity number to get a passport. If you're staying abroad and apply for a Norwegian passport at a Norwegian Foreign Service Mission, you need a Norwegian national identity number. If you do not have a national identity number, the National Population Register must issue one as a part of the passport application process.

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It all begins with;

DNA test

When you come to the Foreign Service Mission, samples for a DNA test will be taken of the mother and child. You must order and pay for the DNA test, and you must show the payment receipt and the reference number (test number) when you come to the Foreign Service Mission to apply for a passport.

Order a DNA test

  1. Download Oslo University Hospital’s (OUS) form for ordering DNA tests (PDF format).
  2. Complete and save the form and send it as an attachment to
  3. OUS will send you an invoice and a reference number (test number) by e-mail.
  4. Pay the invoice .
  5. Bring the reference number (test number) OUS gave you to the Foreign Service Mission.


An appointment will be scheduled for you after you have gotten a reference number from OUS. You (and the child) must show up in person for your appointment.


You must bring the following documentation that will be enclosed with the application:

  • Passports of both parents, or, if applicable, another form of authorised ID document.
  • Birth certificate for the child.
  • Marriage certificate (if the marriage is not registered in the National Population Register)
  • If unmarried documentation of the mother’s marital status at the time of the birth (Certificate of spinsterhood).
  • Documentation of paternity. Read more about paternity at NAV.
  • Reference number (test number) that you receive from Oslo University Hospital when you order the test.


Foreign documents (certificates and copies of non-Norwegian passports), must be translated to Norwegian or English (this does not apply to international birth certificates) and legalised or endorsed with an apostille by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the issuing country.


At the Foreign Service Mission

When you arrive at the Foreign Service Mission with the receipt and the test number, they will take the DNA sample and receive your application for a passport. The result of the DNA test will be sent directly to the National Population Register.


What happens next?

The Foreign Service Mission contacts the National Population Register to get a national identity number. When they have received the national identity number, they process the passport application.

The whole process takes between 2 and 4 months.

When you are done with the procedure for Dna test, kindly contact the embassy to book an appointment HERE