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Stricter entry regulations in Norway and the Netherlands (Incl. COVID-19 test)

Both Norway and the Netherlands have imposed stricter entry regulations to minimise the risk of infection and spread of the coronavirus. From January 2nd 2021, the Norwegian government has imposed mandatory testing for Covid-19 for all travellers to Norway. Furthermore, all persons travelling to Norway have a duty to register themselves in order to enhance infection control by filling out a form. The Dutch government decided that from 29 December anyone travelling to the Netherlands by air, rail, coach and ship will be required to present a recent negative PCR test declaration in order to minimise the risk of infection and spread of the coronavirus.

Rules upon entry into Norway

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Requirement for presenting a negative test result upon entry to Norway

For you to enter Norway as a foreign traveller, you must present documentation of a test for the coronavirus taken less than 72 hours prior to entry. If you do not present documentation of a negative test result, you might be refused entry.

Valid test methods are the standard PCR-based analysis or the rapid antigen-based test. The documentation must be issued in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, English, French or German.

There are some exceptions to the requirement, including:

  • The requirement shall not apply to Norwegian citizens, persons who are resident in Norway or persons in transit.
  • Persons with a confirmed (laboratory tested) COVID-19 infection within the last six months are exempt. Your isolation period must already have been be completed.
  • Children under 12 years.
  • The requirement does not apply to persons who regularly travel/commute to Norway from Sweden or Finland in order to work or study. (Separate requirements apply for healthcare professionals.)
  • Personnel in critical public functions related to matters of life and health can be exempted.

For a complete list of exceptions, see the COVID-19 regulations ( – in Norwegian).

Requirement for a self-declaration form

Everyone entering Norway must complete a declaration form. This form must be completed and handed to the border control police before you enter Norway. You are responsible for printing and ensuring that you have the form with you when entering Norway.

  • Part 1 - Declaration - Must be completed by all travellers
  • Part 2 - Must be completed by everyone who has to go into quarantine after entering Norway
  • Part 3 - Confirmation from an employer or client who is providing suitable accommodation during the quarantine period – Anyone arriving in Norway on business or an assignment must have such confirmation from their employer or client. Must be completed by the employer or client.
  • Part 4 - Confirmation of suitable accommodation for entry quarantine. Must be completed by the party providing the accommodation

Declaration form for persons going into entry quarantine (

When entering Norway from a red country or area

Anyone returning from countries or areas with a high level of infection (referred to as red countries or areas) must enter a 10 days travel quarantine. See how to implement your quarantine duty.

Refer to the updated map at of the countries and areas that are presently red and yellow.

The quarantine should be implemented at a quarantine hotel, in a residence that you own or rent or a suitable place of residence provided by your Norwegian employer.

You cannot choose to implement your quarantine duty in someone else's home. Read more about quarantine hotels.

Keep wearing the face mask from your flight until you have reached home or the location where you will implement your quarantine. You can travel by public transport from the place of arrival to the place where you will be in quarantine. Persons above the age of 12 should wear a face mask.

If you develop symptoms while in quarantine, you will have to go into isolation and undergo testing for the coronavirus. Pay close attention to any symptoms developing.

A country or area in the EEA/Schengen region can turn red while you are traveling, even if the same area was yellow when you left home.

The final decision as to which areas or countries are red is made by the Government based on recommendations from The Norwegian Directorate of Health and The Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Negative PCR test declaration for travel to the Netherlands

The Dutch government decided that from 29 December anyone travelling to the Netherlands by air, rail, coach and ship will be required to present a recent negative PCR test declaration. Companies offering international public passenger transport will impose this requirement on all passengers. The negative PCR test must have been conducted no more than 72 hours before the passenger’s arrival in the Netherlands. The negative test is an additional requirement and not a substitute for the guideline applying to all passengers to self-quarantine for 10 days on arrival. The government continues to urge everyone to refrain from non-essential travel and to comply with the hygiene and quarantine guidelines.

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