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Norway opens for travel to and from Netherlands from 15 July

Today (July 10) The Norwegian government has decided which countries are exempt from quarantine upon entry into Norway from 15th July. The Netherlands has been included on this list. Therefore, residents of the Netherlands will be allowed to enter Norway from 15 July. The list of countries with exemption may change rapidly and the overview will be updated at least every second week. In case an increase in the rate of infection leads to a country or region no longer meeting the criteria, the requirement to go into quarantine after entering Norway may be reintroduced.

From 15 July, travellers from EEA/Schengen countries that have acceptable levels of infection can travel to Norway. Read more on the Norwegian Government’s website. 10 July, The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) updated the map showing areas with exemptions of quarantine duty. The list will be updated at least every second week.

From 15 July, people from countries outside the EU and the EEA/Schengen who have family or a boyfriend or a girlfriend in Norway, can travel into the country, but home quarantine for 10 days is required.

Please notice that both national and local rules and regulations related to the coronavirus and travelling in Norway change frequently and on short notice. All travellers, both international and domestic, are therefore encouraged to seek out the most updated information by visiting the relevant webpages. You should also follow precautionary guidelines, such as frequent hand-washing and social distancing, and respect regulations in place.

For health advice, useful links and other relevant information, see The Norwegian Directorate of Health’s official website (

For further details on who can travel to Norway, how you can travel to get here, quarantine rules and Q&A see the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI)’s the official website.

For the latest information and advice about the coronavirus situation and travel for Norwegians, see the Government’s official website.

For updated information on infection control related to travel and COVID-19, see The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH)’s official website.

If you arrive in Norway from a "green" area, you are exempt from quarantine. If you arrive in Norway from a "red" area, you need to be in quarantine. The map applies to holiday and leisure travel.